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With over 2 million podcasts in the world, the sad truth is, only 50% make it past Episode 7

Pod Collab was born to change this statistic!

The A -Team has come to together with their united powers – and we are here to help you!

Join Kerry Z & Ellie D on your podcasting journey – providing support with our helping hands!

Podcast Coaching

For those looking to get started or those who have already started and overcoming the podcasting hurdles WE ALL FACE.

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Being part of a great community is key to getting support, whilst being surrounded by like-minded people, including leading experts in podcasting.

If you are on the Clubhouse App, please join in rooms held by Real Talk Podcasting, available Monday to Friday. You can catch me in the “Morning Chat” room that is held at 6.30 am US Central time.

If you are not on Clubhouse, feel free to join the Real Talk Podcasting Resources group on Facebook.

How's you're podcast going.....? Many Podcasters hit struggle street...
You're not alone!


Kerry Zarb

Growth Coach

Born a natural storyteller, Kerry first showed signs of her ability to talk under water during her childhood years.

Brought up in regional Victoria, Kerry developed her voice over the family campfire.

In recent years, Kerry traded campfire stories to become a voice to many with business support and as a serial business owner, leading teams of people.